SIXVINGT (pronounced Sis* Va) started in 2017 at 620 Jones St. San Francisco, California. This cosy little studio apartment was where my journey accumulating oils, essences, and tinctures began. While working my corporate 9-5, I scraped together money to attend perfume classes. I spent nights and weekends mixing, blending, and smelling - following my nose and my mind into scented wonderlands of imagination.

In 2019 I launched my first completely handmade line of three perfumes. I was so proud when it made it onto shelves in San Francisco boutiques. Fast forward to post-pandemic/post-baby 2023, I wanted to lean into my “cool mom era” and pivot into solid perfumery 😊



Community: I want to share my passion in a way that encourages people to share back


Being Effortless: I wanted to create something convenient and mobile for the girl on the go


Being Conscientious: refill, reuse and repeat


Authenticity: always have fun and be myself

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